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Seller Tips

WARNING! advises all its classified advertisers to beware of potential scams that make you think they have buyers and financing already in place and want money - possibly $100-$500 (in advance) to advertise your piece of equipment. Also beware of unusual or complicated payment schemes for the purchase of your machinery. This is especially true of overseas offers to buy machinery. For any transaction, keep this in mind:

1) Never accept as real a cashier's check without verifying by telephone from the issuing bank that the check is bona fide. There are several schemes in existence using falsified cashier's checks.

2) Don't accept any payment method that requires you to "give back" an amount representing an "overpayment" made for your equipment.

3) The only reliable methods of receiving payments from overseas or domestic buyers is a wire transfer into your account before the goods are shipped out or a bank letter of credit from the buyer's bank to your bank. Have your bank review it for any clauses that would be difficult to comply with.

4) For an overseas sale, make sure you get the telephone number, name, and address of the U.S. forwarding agent to be used by the buyer.

The number one rule to remember when making a sale to a stranger is that if something doesn't seem right to you, you're probably not wrong.